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Rainbow Peace Set

Rainbow Peace


This was a fun concept set based around three of our items: the Rainbow Peace symbol tank, the Peace Kanji trucker cap, and matching Peace Kanji tshirt. I used Polyvore to find some matching items with a rainbow/peace/tyedye motif and put it together.
Two different pair of Converse Chucks are shown. One of the great things about chucks, is the fact that they’re very easy to customize. They’re available in hundreds of styles already, but you can just get a pair of plain white Chucks, and you can dye them yourself, let alone paint them, put sequins on them, put jewelry on them, etc. The combinations are endless and you can easily gave an outfit your own personal touch this way!
Unfortunately, a few items I used were out of stock. So, I switched out the rainbow color sequin jeans for some tyedye pants.

Since I made this set, we’ve added some new products that fit in with the motif.
Rainbow Peace Part two Red Peace symbol cap trucker hat from Zazzle
These items are great for adding into a wardrobe. They can give a variety of different looks, weather you want something “girly” and pink, or you want to have a bit of an modern hippy look.
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