“Anarchy” Punk Rock set

"Anarchy" Punk Rock set


Obviously, this set’s theme is pretty much evident in the title. A punk “anarchist” themed set. The set includes two different styles; a tomboyish look, and a more feminine style. Both can crossover and mix and match, but it’s there for fans of those distinct styles.
First and foremost, the anarchy symbol cap and tee are the center pieces of the set; both help to form a cohesive look with the theme. The two different pairs of fingerless gloves can work with the set, but the long gloves would contrast well with the short shorts, while the normal gloves contrast with the skinny jeans.
Next we have two different pairs of shoes. The boots would work great with the jeans tucked in; while the converse low-tops would really look cohesive with the short shorts. A pair of high-top style chucks or similar sneakers would also go great with either one, especially with the jeans tucked into the sneakers like with the boots. Finally, a bow adds a great “girly” touch to the set, especially for those with long hair as shown in the hairstyle picture.
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Rad in Red Swag Girl outfit.

Rad in Red Swag Style set


This set is swag style inspired, with a beanie and bandana, along with some punk inspiration with the half-shave and spiked bracelets. A really cool matching pair of sneakers, a red tribal logo t-shirt as the base with a choice of a pair of pinkish red sweatpants or some kewl denim shorts!
This outfit is perfect for casual streetwear, dancing, hanging out, and pretty much anything you would want to do. It’s fashionable and swagalicious, but also rough enough for any intrepid tomboy to play in.
The Maki sneakers are a limited time only item, and they have only 17 days left to go, so get your orders in now!
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“Maki” DCTees Custom Basketball Sneakers Have Launched!

drawingDCTees is proud to announce our launch of a stunning pair of basketball sneakers that we’ve named “Maki” thanks to AliveShoes!

The great thing about AliveShoes is that they handcraft their shoes in Italy with quality materials and craftsmanship. You know this is going to be a quality sneaker!

These shoes will be available for 30 days, so get your pair today.

man_leg  detail quarter


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Scuffed Star Raglan Shirt and Outfit Ideas

Today new addition to the store is this great scuffed star raglan t-shirt. This shirt’s design has an vintage inspired, worn looking star design. The worn, scuffed look works great with distressed jeans, converse sneakers, and some cool looking accesories!
Scuffed Star Distressed American Set


First, lets start with the sneakers! Four different pairs a navy blue Palladium pair and a

grey boot style baggy Palladium pair that really helps add to the classic rough and worn look. Next we have two different pairs of Chucks. The black pair gives the set a snappy, hip look. The grey pair meanwhile, would help contribute to a more worn look.

The four different pairs of Jeans are examples of what could work with this set.  Your have a pair that has a worn patch going down the legs, a pair that’s only lightly distressed, a lightly colored form fitting pair with three large holes, and a black pair that is destroyed. Each pair contributes something to the set, and all would be great for building up your casual wardrobe.

Finally, we have a selection of accessories. First off is our matching scuffed star trucker cap. Trucker caps have a distinct look and match the color scheme of a raglan shirt 100%! Three different sets of wristbands are here for different styles. The rainbow colored wristbands would add some much needed color and help give a sporty and intentionally mismatched look. The black Nike wristbands on the other hand match the color and theme of the set while still giving a sporty vibe. Lastly, we have a leather “punk” wristband that matches the rough theme of the set, and gives some edge to the ensemble.

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“I’m a Fighter” Womens Workout Set

"I'm a Fighter" set featureing converse, womens boxing clothes, timberland boots, womens sweatpants


This set was designed with an athletic, and perhaps aggressive look in mind. The racerback tank top matches all occasions. For a workout at the gym, the Everlast boxing sneakers are perfect, and match up great with the sweatpants and the tight shorts. The Chucks go great for any occasion, and work well with the sweats, shorts, or the leather mini skirt. Finally the Timberland boots, like the Chucks, work well with all three bottom items. The fingerless gloves add a real cool factor to the outfit, as well as being practical for the gym. The leather mini skirt, like the gloves, adds a cool factor and would be great with items in this set for a night out dancing!
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Deal Alert: $5 Crop Tops at AliExpress!!!

Photo courtesy of Aliexpress

For you fashionistas on a budget, I just happened to stumble upon a pretty great deal! Aliexpress has these wonderful crop-tops on sale for $5.97 for a 50% discount! The deal won’t last long, so get it while it lasts!

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Rainbow Peace Set

Rainbow Peace


This was a fun concept set based around three of our items: the Rainbow Peace symbol tank, the Peace Kanji trucker cap, and matching Peace Kanji tshirt. I used Polyvore to find some matching items with a rainbow/peace/tyedye motif and put it together.
Two different pair of Converse Chucks are shown. One of the great things about chucks, is the fact that they’re very easy to customize. They’re available in hundreds of styles already, but you can just get a pair of plain white Chucks, and you can dye them yourself, let alone paint them, put sequins on them, put jewelry on them, etc. The combinations are endless and you can easily gave an outfit your own personal touch this way!
Unfortunately, a few items I used were out of stock. So, I switched out the rainbow color sequin jeans for some tyedye pants.

Since I made this set, we’ve added some new products that fit in with the motif.
Rainbow Peace Part two Red Peace symbol cap trucker hat from Zazzle
These items are great for adding into a wardrobe. They can give a variety of different looks, weather you want something “girly” and pink, or you want to have a bit of an modern hippy look.
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Casual Fall 2015 Streetwear set

Casual Fall Streetwear set


This fall 2015 streetwear set was designed with the upcoming fall season in mind. Since in some areas, Fall begins while it’s still pretty hot This set can work for warm or cool weather. The pink & white raglan sleeve t-shirt gives a nice shade of brightness and some added femininity. Distressed jeans are always great no matter the season, so they add cohesion and work extremely well with the Varsity Hoodie. The “BAE” beanie cap is a pretty cool accessory for when it starts to get a little chillier. Finally, a cute charm bracelet and DCtees’ own “Street Tiger” fashion sneakers add some color and style to the outfit.
Casual Fall Streetwear set part 2


For later in the fall, sweatpants, UGGs, Timberlands, or bulkier basketball sneakers would be great additions once you get to late October and November.
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Swag Girl Fashion: Team Awesome Set

Team Awesome


The idea behind this was to pair our grey “Team Awesome” crop top and “STAR” cap with a complementary set that has elements of swag girl fashion. The UGG‘s are grey, and generally UGG’s are great for very laid back outfits. However, the Nike’s would give the outfit an athletic urban street style. the Chicnova shorts would probably pair best with the UGG’s, and are a great middle line between a laid back look and a dressy look. The denim shorts would be a great match for the Nike’s or the UGG’s, and would present a more active, tomboy look. The Falke knee socks would look very striking with the Nike’s.


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Tshirts: New for Monday, June 29 2015!

Here are the newest Tshirt additions to my Zazzle store! Drop on by and have a look today!

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